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Legendary Tone!

There is no doubt that the secret of a good Stratocaster pickup starts in its mediums balance. Today, there are maybe more than hundreds of pickups for Stratocaster that are called “boutique” around the world, but the Fender Custom Shop 54 will always be among the first of any specialized list. In some guitars, however, the CS54 may be a little too strong, especially due to its medium attack. That is why some Stratocaster players end up choosing a smoother sound that comes close to the Fender pickups from the early 60’s.

However, for those who think that the Fender Custom Shop 54 are excellent but would like a little less prominent mediums attack or for those who think that there is some “body” missing on the 60’s models, our Fullerton is the answer. Pure Stratocaster sound.

Made with alnico 5 and calibrated to the respective positions: neck, middle and bridge.

Due to its vintage characteristics the middle pickup polarity is not inverted.

Available in different models for Neck, Middle and Bridge positions.

Product Description

Specifications Fullerton

PositionResistance DC
No. of drivers
Neck5,25K2,1H1022Alnico V
Middle5,45K2,15H1062Alnico V
Bridge5,55K2,35H1152Alnico V


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